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Why I DO MI LIFESTYLE MARKETING GLOBAL PVT LTD Business?- Wealth Multiplication

At some point in your life, you've been pitched a multi-level marketing(MLM), Direct selling, or Network marketing business opportunity. While the pitch varies from company to company. it basically promises a chance to ditch your 9-5 work schedule, be your boss, and make lots of money while making new friends in the process.

It all sounds good on paper, yet there is a seemingly endless debate over whether these companies and programs are legitimate business opportunities or not.

We believe that the entire industry is poised for explosive growth and can be one of the most significant solutions to India's current unemployment and the retirement crisis.

Making a successful transition into retirement has more to do with psychology than with money... and the same may hold true for network marketing.

Don't get me wrong, money has a role in retirement, but it's not the primary one.

As for as the retirement saving crisis is concerned, more and more and more people are coming to terms with the fact that they probably aren't going to be able to save enough money to just sit around and slowly deplete their nest egg from age 62 to 100. With the average 50 years old estimated to have less than Rs. 5,00,000 in retirement saving, there is an obvious need to find alternative ways to either save more or generate supplemental income starting now.

Another growing reality that will potentially benefit Mi lifestyle Business is the increasing number of body boomers who are worn out from years of the corporate grind and don't feel the connection between their job and the people it impacts outside their office walls or company grounds. they are shifting their focus from accumulating a giant nest egg to a desire to be part of something bigger and better...and working while in retirement. Facets of life that can be fulfilled with specific types of products and services available through the Mi Lifestyle opportunity.

Direct selling Programs like Mi Lifestyle along with Harvest Success Academy also offer very low barriers to entrepreneurship, often providing training, support, and ample encouragement along the way. As people begin to realize they need activities that keep them busy, relevant, in good health, and connected to others, the time, energy and cost to participate in our company activities make them very appealing to large segments of the population caught up in these dynamics.

This is not a ringing endorsement of the entire industry. like any investment of time, money and energy, people need to be aware of what they are getting into and do their homework. That's why people who were willing to skip the hype and offer a transparent view of the programs and give their opinions as to whether this can be a realistic source of retirement income and future security.

Having studied the psychology and behavior of boomers(beginners), we no longer perceive these types of opportunities as money-making pyramid schemes. Instead, we now see it as a way to enhance many of the personal aspects of retirement that are rarely discussed let alone planned for.

Our mentor says" Many people don't realize that multi-level marketing companies are successful because they help people satisfy a number of important human needs, including feeling significant, having connections, learning something new, and making a difference". I have heard people in network marketing say again and again, "I'm doing this because I'm meeting amazing people... making so many connections... and I feel so good about myself"... and so on.

There are many dreams which one wants to complete and is in no position to do so with their current income and job.

In the sun, you can get all this and more by embracing the Mi Lifestyle Opportunity.

A wide range of high-quality products you can proudly use and promote a business plan that is 'rewarding' in the true sense of the word.
Interaction with a set of people (Leaders and management) who are purposeful, passionate, competent and demonstrate high integrity.
An education and self-development system from ''Harvest Success Academy" that compares favorably with the best in the industry.

A business that is 'surprisingly' easy to do

A business that you can leave behind as a legacy for generations to come 

So Welcome to the wonderful world of MI LIFESTYLE MARKETING GLOBAL PVT LTD.

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